Minecraft Battlegrounds (V1.8 NPC Update)

Minecraft Battlegrounds is a Gun plus add-on, the main aim to allow you to play a Battlegrounds style game with your friends Find Stuctures, find loot and get the kills.



Experimental Features will need to be active for this add-on to run, please see below for which ones

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Battlegrounds V1.8 Update Log



An NPC has been added, they will spawn pretty much everywhere and be on the look out for you (and your friends, if you have any xD), if you manage to kill one before they kill you, you will be able to loot the corpse before it rots away, NPC Corpses are a good way of getting some extra ammo

Grenades have been added, you can find them in Loot Crates

Fixed the bug with no 9mm Ammo dropping from Loot Crates

A First Aid Kit (3D) has been added

The Energy Drink has been given a 3D model

VSS has had its holding position moved to be more in the players view

Guns Colour Recover has been added

By using a Dirty Rag on your Customized Gun you can clean it back to black so you can colour it again

Adjusted the players view point when holding guns

Adjusted the players scope zoom

Fixed an animation bug when going prone

Adjusted all guns to now work with the new ammo system


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You should add npc's to fight.
please make one that is not linkverse, i'm on a school pc and it wont let me do it. yes i do have mods on school pc i have 3 builds. i have a military base, and it will be great if you could make a mod for that like hummvees, jets, planes, bikes, fourwheelers, semis, and helicopters ik its a lot to ask for but it would be cool!
just copy the link and put it on thebypasser.com
I love this mod but can you add two types of heavy weapons rpg, and Quad Launcher.
This comment has been removed
add npc too
Great mod! But the guns are a little short, please add a little more! I love this mod! nice mod ;)
Cool addon! I'm looking forward to attachments you can put to your guns and more guns as well! 10/10.So you made the true survival zombie apocalypse addon?
Stop make some Addons.
Your Addons is suck like a trashbin (literally).
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Firstly this addon is amazing and you can’t make one that’s even a fraction better than this addon just because someone is better than you does mean you should hate, someone worked hard so you could play this whilst you eat your hot Cheetos filled keyboard, and be looking like cartmen from South Park on season 10 ep 8
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Looks awesome! Looking forward to more weapons!