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Published on June 12, 2017 (Updated on June 12, 2017)

The Pug Addon

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The pug is red I don't like that. It turns red when u tame it
If you use the white dye, you can change him back.
It close not work it is sooooo ANNOYING. I absolutely love pug and someone told me you could add pugs minecraft so I went online to figure out how to do it pressed on this link tried it and it dose not work
Why this Addon when I tame the pug it's red I hate it I was gonna like it then???
I thought when I saw this : YAYAYAY PUGS I CAN'T WAIT! : so I get it I take them and the pugs when their tamed their like, RED can you fix this please?
When you dog turns a strange colour, just dye it to a Light Gray / Grey colour, for some reason it changed to red, so you have to dye it Light Gra/ey! Hope that’s useful!
Hi i made my own pug addon with my own custom textures and custom models maybe i could fan-remake this pug addon
U don’t need the behavior pack for puggles
My pug on iOS Minecraft pe is red can you please fix this? Overall great add on
When I tame the pug it becomes red
yeah to me too , it happens you can fix it using bone meals
Guys if you dont wanna get a virus from adfly just wait to skip ad comes up
yea it says my ipad has 3 for some reason when i went on adfly to get a mod
Make more catsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
When I tame my pug it turns red I love it lol
Awesome and 20℅ cooler
How do you mean that? Did it punch you in the face wehen you tapped/clicked on the download?
My pug turns red when tamed. Not reccomended
just dye it yellow
i had the same problem
That's a glitch in minecraft its self, with out this addon, the wolf will still turn whatever you dye its collar, if you dye the pugs collar blue, the dog will turn blue, hopefully a glitch in mc, and not something there gonna keep ;3
Plz make a boxer addon I would love it because my son loves boxers so plz