Published on November 23, 2016

PvP Helper (Lag Reducer)

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update download pls
I'm not sure if it worked but I slighy feel like it does. Grassy biomes is still making me lag. The bigger problem is the SETTINGS!
Bruh I couldn't find my way to toggle buttons on the settings because it's so messy. I could simply disable the pack first thought
Bro is the internet k...
Guest-2350928881 May 14, 2020 at 9:07 am
Hey bro I really liked your texture pack and want to review it on youtube. Do I have your permission?
I will tell them this was made by you and provide them the link
Working fine and helps reduce lag a little bit. Had some crashes at the start but after some minutes it started working. Thanks so much and please make more updates.
This helps a reasource pack....very useful
We need a wall now
it´s not working. i can´t unactivate this because it crashes when i try to open my settings! im on ios. can anyone help me how to fix it? pls!
same, I can't play minecraft
go to /games/com.mojang/resource_pack and delete it
Does this works with another texture together?
Idk, But Its probably possible bc u can do this with every texture/addon. I Even do this, if this doesnt work Ur Game is gona ?CRASH?
Please help me, I can’t open a world this sucks please help.
Crashed my Minecraft every time I went on a world ):
I can't open the settings pls help me update it
If you go into a world you can delete the pack from there
i don´t understand it. how should i do it?
This didn't work for me I was unable to open my settings please help.
Less lag? Sounds interesting! Lemme try this out! :)
The resource pack is useful,but most of the Ender update blocks didnt have any textures,can you please fix that?
Anyone want to play with me