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Published on June 02, 2021 (Updated on July 06, 2021)

PVP Horizons

Don't you just want a small but fun PVP world to fight against your friends? Or you want to test your skills on the wither? Then, this is the world for you!


Top View

The Spawn Area : 

The Cooking Area :

The Equipment Area : ( Note the command blocks are retextured as brown concrete to match the spruce look)

The Compost Area :

The Enchantment Area :

The Sticky Area : A Better Waiting Area

The Trash Area : Throw your Trash Here!

The Upgrader Area : Upgrade your tools and armor here!

The Holy Cactus ( With an Ender Chest! ):


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Added Support for 1.17

Added Instructions on how to download


  1. Open the link.
  2. Press which format you want the pack to be.
  3. Press Download!



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