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Published on August 28, 2015 (Updated on August 28, 2015)

Qtpie's Cheerful [16x16]


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it's not working it's giving me "unable to find manifest in pack"
Does this work with iPhones?
Hi. I'm Qtpie, and I designed Cheerful Pack! Ive been battling Cancer, so I apologize that more updates have been taking a while, but I hope to be feeling better soon. I hope Everyone loves playing with this pack and enjoys all the Cheerful bright colors too. My favorites are the Confetti Creeper and my Skeleton. Feel free to message me at my youtube "TGIQTPIE" or via Mythra on planetminecraft where you can download it and offer suggestions. Love and hugs to you all?-Qtpie
Hello Qtpie. I'm so sorry to hear that and really hope you get better soon. :)

This pack was ported for Pocket Edition by ShinodaGarrix, I hope you don't mind we posted it here on our website.

// Hugs from!
This texture pack is cute, but some blocks are messed up. The skeletons are the cutest :)