Published on August 25, 2022 (Updated on December 16, 2022)

Quarantine Zone V0.4.8 [Bleeding Player Skin Guns And Clothes] 1.19+

Hello I'm Mark Today I'm going to show you the Quarantine Zone add-on or Project Z Remastered. This add-on is an add-on for zombie genre or a world that has been overwhelmed by zombies, zombie game genre, so let's see what's good!!

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Update 0.4.8


•New Guns: Awp Magnum Galil M9 Rpk Scarh



•New player skin: 15type

•New clothes for infected female

•New clothes for infected male

•New moto helmet

•New infected juggernaut

•New infected police

•New infected hazmat

•New skin infected and clothes

•Buff infected all kinds

•Infected will randomly pick up equipment, armor

•New Animation Dead

•New Player Random Skins


--sound and structure--

•New structure

•New zombie death sounds 

•New chasing sound




•Bleeding Effect "Thank you Gabriel Aplok for allowing"



•Adden sedan



•New clothes player 

•Hazmat helmet protects against poison

•When wearing clothes, the sleeves will be shown


--Fixed Bug--

•Fixed Blue skins

•Fixed Reloading guns

•Fixed deadbody



Installation Guides

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Infected Doctor Infected Firefighter Infected Radiation
It will come in version 0.4.6 with new struction and skin remake
Please fix your addon it just says Euaaaa on your screen when you try to play and most off the gun models dont work you prolly forgot to fix somthing on the recourse pack side of things and got lazy and just put Euaaa instead of fixing it PLEASE FIX IT FOR THE LOVE OF OUR HOLY SAVIOR GOD.
man, i cannot import the fucking Texture pack
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Can you please please please update this to 1.20+ bc it dont work, also the recourse pack needs to be fixed
LouayNotResponding May 19, 2023 at 8:45 am
here are a weapons you forgot about: M249 Light Machine Gun, IWI Negev Light Machine Gun, PKM Medium Machine Gun & M60 Medium Machine Gun
I installed it all but it still gives me the error: Missing dependency with ID '7fdd2b06-a740-447c-9752-e695d3c18d75' and version '1.0.2'.
please add animation to the guns (as in the deathzone addon) to make it look more interesting and cooler with a 2.5D concept guns that is animated like 3D Complete with reload animation
when I add the addon the player animations are broke and I have all the experiments on so I assume its a bug with the latest version.
i can't zoom out of the sniper rifle. theres a bug about that
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Wow is this the Mini dayz Minecraft version so cool please add a tank or a roads and make the place a bit more flat.
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I love everything in this mod but can you give a separate link without the bandits pls but besides that 10/10
El mod es bueno me gusta pero en esta actualización ya no tienen el comportamiento de antes que se quedaban quietos esperando su víctima nose si hay un o algo hay algunos zombies cuando mueren se quedan parados no caen ni nada solo se quedan paraos lo único que digo de más está bien ✌️