Published on June 18, 2020 (Updated on August 07, 2021)

Quarry Add-On

A block that extracts ores like diamonds, iron, coal, gold, red stone, emerald and everything that is found, such as stone, obsidian, dirt, etc. And of course, lava and water will not be a nuisance to the machine.

How to use the quarry block?

Just tap on the quarry block and a stone platform and yellow block structure will automatically be created around the area.

The area where the hoppers should be placed where all the elements found in the excavation will fall will also be created.

After breaking the quarry block, you need to put a block of coal on the red block on the left side and then all the blocks within the digging radius will slowly break until they reach the bedrock where the machine will finish digging.



Stairs will also be added to the side of the dig so the player can easily go down.

If you want to finish the excavation before reaching the bedrock, break the red stone block next to the excavation and the excavation will finish. Or if you just want to stop digging for a moment, break up the coal block.


You'll find four different quarry blocks: the small quarry block, the medium quarry block, the large quarry block, and the explosive quarry block, each with different excavation sizes.





Use the "/function give" command to get all the blocks!






-Activate the option "Holiday Creator Features" for the correct functioning of the addon. 

-It is not recommended to use this addon in beta versions of Minecraft.

Any suggestions to add in the Add-On are welcome as long as you send them to me on my Twitter.

Report bugs to my twitter @Effectoo

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  • The domain of link 1 has been changed.


  • Update for Minecraft 1.17.X
  • 3D models were added to the quarry blocks.
  • Now the quarry block must be touched to activate it.
  • When the structure of the quarry blocks is created, hoppers will no longer be added, you will only be able to see some semitransparent hoppers blocks that will indicate where the hoppers should be placed, the same with the carbon block.
  • Bug fixes


-Activate the option "Holiday Creator Features" for the correct functioning of the addon. 

-It is not recommended to use this addon in beta versions of Minecraft.

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4.03 / 5 (36 votes)
I love this update, been using it since it came out but im waiting for this wonderful mod to updated for 1.18
Can u make it for 1.18 pls
Can this be used in minecraft 1.18?
it works amazingly, just wish the 3d one was on this website
Johntherickrollbaby December 14, 2021 at 8:21 am
Pls update this addon dont work 1.18.2
Johntherickrollbaby December 13, 2021 at 5:12 am
Awesome Work
works amazing on xbox 1.17.41 not sure why all the negative reviews probably the best mining mod there is
I really enjoy this. Cpuld you mkae it work for caves and cliffs update please? Thatd be awesome!
very good but not mine if there are other mods
not working now,update thx
it dosent work anymore
It doesn't work for me and I did everything right
Nice job i always loved this addon and now looks way more polished. Thank you for removing the spamming credits from the addon it was quite annoying. This addon looks way better now