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Published on November 14, 2019 (Updated on April 01, 2020)

Quartz Dropper

Our first ever dropper map! Be prepared for an awesome time while trying to defeat all 5 unique levels! As always, every level and command is tested, so less frustration for you!

Here is a sneak peak at each of the levels. Each of the levels has a difficulty level, from easy to hard. There are 5 levels as stated above. Each level has been tested and is possible. All commands are tested as well.  Feel free to ask for more! Average game time: 15minutes to 45minutes. 



Keep a look out for more of our creations!

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I have removed the Discord link because the Discord server was deleted.

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i hate this, it wont let me do anything in the
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Nice Map!

Keep going making maps....

PS: Can you make 1 time a puzzle map?
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Maybe in the future. I am mostly making parkour maps.
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can some one pls help me to find out how to make the map on my game?
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If you are on minecraft windows 10 edition all you have to do is download the file and double click it and it should automatically open minecraft and import the world.
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