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Published on September 21, 2015 (Updated on July 30, 2016)

R3D.CRAFT Smooth Realism [64x64]


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This texture pack is amazing, just a shame it hasn't been updated in years. I've been searching for the perfect texture pack and this would absolutely be it. Does the creator still check these comments?
Everything is fine until you go into the nether, the soul biome works but the red biomes are SUPER dark and all mobs are white
Where is the download link ? And why this texture pack is outdated for more than 3 years ?
The download button is an image under the last image in the image showcase
That pig is me in the morning smh
Guest-4780750087 May 16, 2020 at 8:45 am
Why is this a .zip file with a .json file in it? I'M ON WIN 10 BEDROCK AND I CAN'T USE .ZIP FILES!
Guest-8440724611 May 26, 2020 at 8:16 am
How do i use a .zip file in Bedrock edition?
You go to your file manager and long press on the zip file and press the 3 dots and press extract to and long press on the extracted zip file and press copy now go to games-->com. mojang-->resource packs and press paste
For those noob can using zip in iphone I suggest that you should paste it into the resource pack folder and then unrenane it to mcpack or a folder .. N0ob
Or just rename the zip to mcpack, very very simple
Adds realism while still maintaining that Minecraft feel to the blocks.
Ce pack est génial ! Malheureusement je joue avec l'édition Windows 10 ! Et je ne peux pas jouer avec ce pack... ¨Pouvez vous faire une version .McPack ? merci
Puedes actualizarla para la verciom 1.6.3 es mi favorita
This is awesome!!!
But i cant use it since it is not a .mcpac file. =(
Can you please make a .mcpac file for this texture pack??? it would really help.
*porting is fine, but did you get permission from him while uploading the pack? Since you've ported it, I'm sure you might've give through the legal.txt of R3D CRAFT...
Hey, did you get permission from Thomas while porting this pack?
TheMinecraftPlayer July 25, 2017 at 10:43 pm
That's a odd pig face lol
Can som1 make this wth an .mcpack file
just rename .zip with .mcpack :)
That didn't work 4 me
I will personally donate at least $75 if you can get this going for Windows 10 Edition. I'm going to try it again since it's been a while, and Windows 10 Edition is now on 1.1.3 but most of the time, .zip files will not work. Microsoft has taken over, and I really don't like the way they've done things, but hopefully they get their stuff straight, and hopefully R3DCraft is available for the Windows 10 Edition, because it's the ONLY texture pack I will play with out of the hundreds that I've tried.

I mean... technically, I'll play with other packs, but nothing can hold a candle to R3DCraft. I hope you continue your work on it.. it's the best. Hands down.
Hello! Can you please add .mcpack it will be easier for iOS users like me, thanks ;)