Published on November 03, 2019 (Updated on December 12, 2020)

Raid Games (Kit Based Battle Map, Battle Royale, Zombie Survival)

Raid Games is the combination of four separate Minecraft maps combined into one big world. In Raid games you can play Raid Battle {2020} which is the sequel to Raid battle, Raid zombies {remastered} which is a remake of the popular map Raid zombies, Raid Royale [remastered] which is the sequel to another map called Raid Royale [2020], and Raid Jailbreak.

Raid Battle



*New* Docks


What is Raid Battle?

Raid Battle is a 2-5 player kit based battle map. It has 10 different kits with 3 different classes for the kits (offensive, defensive, mobility). There are also 10 unique maps that you can battle on. There is also 2 different modes besides the main battle mode that you can play (Battle Royale and zombie mode). Raid Battle gets updated about once a month so remember to check back soon!

Raid Zombies


What is Raid Zombies?

Raid zombies is a 1-3 player zombie survival map where you and your friends try to survive an endless horde of zombies for as long as possible. You can find weapons and effects to buy with xp around the map to help aid your survival. It is also extremely hard if you’re not incredibly good at the game already.


Raid Royale


What is Raid Royale?

Raid Royale is a 2-5 kit based battle Royale map where you and your friends gather loot up and fight to the death in one big arena. Pretty simple concept and I think everyone already knows what a battle royale is.


Raid Jailbreak


What is Raid Jailbreak

Raid Jailbreak is a 2-7 player Prison escape map. One randomly selected player is the cop and they must keep the prisoners from escaping. Everyone else is a prisoner and they must escape. This map isn’t role play heavy but as the cop don’t make it impossible for prisoners to escape, the map is more fun that way,


Instagram: @Raid_games

Message me on Instagram if you have any suggestions or find any bugs!

Select version for changelog:


—General changes—

-New lobby for every map

-New gamemode (Raid Jailbreak)

-Bug fixes

--Raid Battle--

-Added new kit

-Added new map

--Raid Zombies-

-Added difficulty slider

-Added respawning

-Added a way to beat the map

—Raid Royale—

-Added new kit

-Big map changes

-Completely changed how loot is distributed


-Press the download link. it will take you to my website.

-press the download Button on my website

-download the mcworld file

-Boom you have the map

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Me and my friends play on this map all the time. Thank you for the awesome map. Maybe we'll stream it sometime!
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Ini map bagus sekali aku suka
Tapi kekurangannya map raid zombienya di perbanyak dong
Pliss (mohon di kembangkan secepatnya ya) sekian dari saya
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But I have lots of friends
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But I don't have friends
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You can buy them at the store for like a dollar
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But I don't have friends
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