Published on May 31, 2019 (Updated on August 01, 2019)

Raid Royal [PvP]

Raid royal is a 3-8 player battle royal map made for you and your friends (if you have any) to play! There are currently 1 map with 4 locations to fight in but more content will be added each month. So loot up and fight in this fun Minecraft world!

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I I changed the zip file into a mcworld file


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Hey if the world donload isn’t working use this one
Buildingbobthebuilder June 29, 2019 at 7:05 pm
the download link is only for the .zip file can you add one for .mcworld?
Yes, I will add a mcworld link tomorrow June 3, as that’s is when I will update the map.
it keeps failing to download
Thanks for telling me this I will have it fixed by tomorrow