Published on October 17, 2020 (Updated on October 17, 2020)

Rainbow Lucky Block Race

A map in which you will have to face enemies, obstacles, unpredictable explosions, falls into the void and much more, but not everything is bad you can also find magical weapons on your way that freeze your enemies, throw lightning, send flying, and various more like magic orbs, swords, medkits and others.

How to play?

You just have to stand on the colored platforms where you will be teleported to the track, then you must break all the blocks of your track until you reach the end and fight with your friends in the battle arena to find out who is the winner.

Every time you reach the end of a track, you will find a spawn point, you will also find some clouds that will serve as a bridge to cross from one side to the other.

You can also restore the map with the touch of a button, change from day to night or avoid losing your inventory.

-Don't use the /kill command.

-To remove the lag, use the command: /function lag, which will prevent it from damaging some map functions and also remove annoying mobs and objects.

-Arena PvP coming soon.

Report errors and suggestions on my twitter @Effectoo

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A mi me funciona casi bien el mapa pero algunos objetos no cargan las texturas y ya cheque los apartados de modificación y están activados entonces no se que pueda ser yo juegue el mapa en la versión
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Good buddy but some of the lucky blocks are not working if i broke 1 i will be back in my homescreen what happend and if i broke 1 again my hud disappear sorry of im wrong grammer bc im a filipino bc i dont speak to much english
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Love This Map. I played it on my Youtube channel KMSKgaming and put the link to this mcpedl page in the description of the video I also said in the description to subscribe to Effect99 you are welcome. I only have 1 subscriber so u aren't getting much but I still included u in the vid :)
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Alright when I hit the 5th spawn point and I died it spawned me in the void the map is broke it kept tping to random locations it is a cool map but is broke. Please fix
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