Published on June 02, 2021

Rainbow Rush - Race for the Wool

Rainbow Rush is a  race for the wool map to celebrate Pride month, play classic race for the wool whilst recreating various pride flags, play solo, or play with friends. Playable on Java and Bedrock

In June every year, the world comes together to celebrate PRIDE month. A month where we celebrate our freedom to express ourselves, to love who we want to love, and most importantly, to celebrate you for who you are.

But PRIDE month is also a time to reflect and look at how we can continue to grow as a global community, to become a stronger voice for change. It doesn’t matter who you are, who you love, or how you identify, across the globe, there are people that face exclusion from family and friends for being themselves, the person they were born to be, for loving who they chose to love. In extreme cases, governments and communities still punish, torture, and kill people for loving another person. This will change. This will get better. But your voice and the voice of players across the world can help raise awareness of these issues.

We made this map to celebrate with you and to say it doesn’t matter if you identify as heterosexual, gay, or if you aren’t quite sure how you identify yourself yet (That’s completely okay btw!) from everyone at Podcrash happy PRIDE month, we hope you enjoy the map and take some time after a game or two to read about some charities and organizations offering help and advice below.

Share your story with us #PlayWithPride

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Happy Pride Month!!!