Rainbow XP Bar of Bedrock

Created By Slimemike

Brief Info:

This Texture pack give the experience bar with fresh colorful appearance by changing the bland green experience bar

with a bright rainbow one.

This was maded because I was sick of the green experience bar from ingame and rainbow XP bars for bedrock are abit hard to find so I made my own


What is this and What it works on:

  • This modifies the experience bar with fresh colorful appearance
  • The experience bar work 32x and higher texture packs
  • The experience bar is NOT ANIMATED
  • It is compatible for low-end mobile devices.
  • It is compatible with betas
  • The texture was inspired by the looks of the bare bones texture pack created by RobotPantaloons https://mcpedl.com/bare-bones-be/





After .GIF version (the experience bar is not Animated):

Terms of use:

(Fell free to swap the texture with your own experience bar for your personal use)

Do not repost this texture pack file on another page without authorization

Found any glitches or error let me know
on twitter @lSlimemike

Select version for changelog:



  • Fixed a line of code in the manifest.json flie that was causing the pack to failed to installed and run


  •  Changelog.txt flie in the pack



  1. Download the Pack by Clicking the link below
  2. Going the mediafire path First wait 15 seconds then click Continue, After this the Mediafire page will appear, click the green download button to get the file.
  3. Open .mcpack to launch Minecraft and import resource pack automatically.
  4. (In Minecraft) Open Settings, Sroll down to Global Resources, Apply the texture pack.
  5. Enjoy!



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not work for
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No funciona, me dice: error al importar paquete zip no válido
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Try and take the flies out of the .zip pack and place it in the resources pack folder in com.mojang folder
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Debería actualizar el texture pack ya que con otros complementos no funciona
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