Published on December 11, 2020 (Updated on December 11, 2020)

Raining Lucky Blocks

Once installed this addon will make Lucky Blocks rain down from the sky constantly, There is 100+ different good and bad events, mobs, structures that can spawn from each lucky block.


-There is a behavior and a resource pack, make sure you install both of them or it will not work correctly.


-The main way to get them is just by looking up at the sky and finding them while they are falling down.

-They can also be crafted using 8 gold and a chest inside of a crafting table.

-They can also be picked up using any tool with silk touch


-These Lucky Blocks will only work if you break them in survival, Once broken the are 100+ different things that can happen.

-There are 98+ different events

-Almost every mob has a chance of spawning including a few custom mobs

-40+ Different Loot Tables have also been added

-Custom Structures will also spawn


This addon was made on version 1.16.100 if you are below that version this addon will work, but some things might not work correctly

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- updated featured image to better show in game content

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Does this work on 1.16.220?
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Awesome mod. Way to much advertising for your channel though, lighten up that one a bit. Really enjoyed it!
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yeah to many people reupload it to other sites without giving credit and claim it was made by them, i had to spam a bit to get credit since all my other addons have been stolen
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Very fun. Get Insta-killed a lot though. The only effect I’m not a fan of is the water one where you end up with a giant geyser of water.
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