Published on January 19, 2022 (Updated on January 18, 2022)

Raizer's Skin Pack

Hello everyone! My name is Raizerucas and for my first ever skin pack on this website. I created these skins via the Skinseed app when I was just a freshman kid back in 2016 and because I've always loved art and books growing up, I decided to turn my imagination into original skins and I figured why not share my creations to anyone who finds them interesting?

Now let's get started! So featured in this pack are 6 original skins and 1 movie character. These were all hand-drawn my me on the Skinseed app (which was kind of difficult because I had a small phone). At the time when I made these I was fascinated by the movie Hancock to the point where I wrote Hancock's eagle tabogan hat pretty much everywhere at my school. So I designed 3 skins relating to the movie and even added the drunken hero himself. And now for the content description!

Alright firstly starting from the top left we have my personal skin, simply called Raizerucas. This was actually the last designed out of all of these guys, and he is a recolor of Kid Hancock, who is next beside him. Kid Hancock was the skin I normally used before becoming Raizerucas. And next to him is Lass Hancock, the only female skin of the bunch. She is essentially a counterpart to Kid Hancock. And next to her is the OG Hancock himself in his outfit he wore at the beginning of the 2008 film of the same name. And next to him is the very first skin I created out of this pack, named Hostile V (has no meaning behind it, I just made it up. Hey I was 15.) And he was the prototype and inspiration for Kid Hancock. And finally the two on the bottom row are two completely original characters who have no reference behind them. The left yellow one is Yellowjacket, who is designed to be a crash dummy/hazmat worker. And the right hooded one I called Archangel Hailio, who is a fallen teenage angel. Shameless plug.


And that's all of em! If y'all read that through and checked them out, thank you so much for doing so. I had a total blast making these dreams becoming a reality where I'm able to create original content for you guys. If you wanna see more from me, follow me over at the Skinseed app @Raizerucas where you'll get first access to more of my skins. Again, thank you guys for checking out this pack, and stay alert for more!


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