Published on September 15, 2022 (Updated on October 05, 2022)

Random Things Addon V2

This addon adds blocks, items and mobs based on the Random Things java edit mod. 


Activate experimental gameplay 

Version 1.19.10+ 

When interacting with blocks, it is recommended to be the closest player 

This addon was made by fan

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Added Accelerator Plate and Bouncy Plate

Added Water Walking Boots and Lava Wadders

New function for Evil Tear

Added Imbues and Imbue Station

Bug fixes and Small additions



  • Random_Things_V2_BEH.mcpack (515.92 KB)
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  • Random_Things_V2_RES.mcpack (159.99 KB)
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Oye, tengo otra duda, no es más fácil pasar el mod Suplementaries de Java a bedrock? La verdad es que usar la falta musical de ese mod sería espectacular
Unfortunately Google Translate (which I'm using to write too) isn't perfect so I don't understand. But I can say the things I know how to pass (that is, I don't know if there are others, but probably not) from Java to Bedrock are textures, modeling (with blockbench conversion) and sometimes loot tables and recipes
Addon muito divertido, amplia as possibilidades do minecraft, tornando uma experiência mais diversificada, divertida e desafiadora.
Hola, la verdad es que es un complemento increíble, pero quería decirte si puedes hacer el mod de Stupid Things de java?
La verdad es que he querido hace mucho tiempo tener la gorra y el pollo de goma de ese mod y queria saber si puedes hacerlo
Well, I looked at the mod and saw that it won't look exactly the same but I can do a few things. I have already contacted the mod creator. Thank you for liking the addon!
Muchas gracias, espero logres hacerlo, con hacer los objetos básicos estaría muy bien
Done, you can now search and download the addon. Let your friends know (And share it with Youtubers if you like it)
wow what an incredible addon I love addons ported from java I hope you continue to bring such good addons