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Published on June 03, 2015 (Updated on June 03, 2015)

randomm: Mega Mountains

Do you like to climb mountains? In this seed you can find yourself in front of a massive challenge. That being a massive mountain which reaches the height of the clouds.

The spawn is on the coast of a peninsula which is bordered by water on three areas but connected by mainland. Turn a little to your left and walk through the birch woods for a while and you will eventually reach the enormous mountains.

The mountain tops almost reach the clouds in the sky, only a few blocks more and they would be in the clouds. Parts of the mountains are hollow which means there are caves up there for you to explore.

The mountain pass is divided by a river where you will find two large chunks of mountains on one side and then the the massive major part of the mountain on the other side.

Seed: randomm

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This is great!!!!!!! I am building a medieval kingdom and I am using this for the world!!!!!!
This web site is cool
Thanks for the awesome seed (◕‿◕✿)
10.5.0 seed right?
It works for 0.11 too.