Published on June 01, 2016

-24517192: Rare Mesa Village

Seed ID

WTF?! I spawned on a small island next to a smaller island in the middle of the ocean! WTF?!
You can tell by the pictures that this is a pre-village and pillage seed. But I downloaded an app called McLauncher that you can use to downgrade Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The outdated seeds work that way.
I did it in pe on my tablet and it didn't work; I still spawned in a jungle by a mesa biome though.
Didn’t work. Useless
For me it spawned me in the middle of a spruce forest, but there was still a village nearby so thumbs up anyway.
It didn’t work 4 me :(
Best seed ever for mcpe.Mesas are my favorite biome so this is the perfect seed for me.
I love the seed