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Published on January 19, 2017 (Updated on January 19, 2017)

432666080: Rare Tall Birch Forest

Seed ID

it doesn't work
How mod let u do this its not so much detailed and mine ask for so many details that i dont know eut to type
Isn’t It Called Mutated Birch Forest?
the truth is that you don't need cheats if you turn left you can see your forest just travel like a hundred blocks I could see my spawn island from like the lowest tree but still nice seed I'm gonna use it for my medieval village map
Another seed is 1069 and it has floating islands and the m birch forest
I don't know where am I?I go some where tall it's a bit small because it's a mountain that have a small tree.?
I found a pink and black sheep right next to a tall birch Forrest naturally. I feel superior
Those are not rare. My goodness.
Another seed is 1069, quite simple it also has floating small islands but far away, yet still on the map if you make it big (bedrock 1.4 )
I found a another rare tall birch forest seed for 1.13 the code is -32220783 but how will I post it?
I found a 1.13 tall birch forest seed the seed code is:-32220783
I have a seed that has a tall birch forest seed for 1.13 the seed is -32220783
Birch hills M!(kinda)
I found another rare tall birch tree world but how to I post it?
Hello on ur app so many people request the cat addon so can u maybe add the cat addon into ur app thanks ?
Creepy. In the seed there's number 666
You use seed 666. There were a-lot of Vietnamese youtubers explored more secret about it. #666