Published on August 06, 2017

-1000: Ravine Village (1.2 Beta Only)

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Uuuuh sed suk no vilage so sed no gud
This is the best seed i've ever played! Thank you for making this

Btw this is his seed not anybody elses :>
This is so awsome!!?
There is no village
Awesome! I also used this seed with the BdoubleO Resource Pack (, and it looks amazing too!
This is so cool.I hollowed out the stalls for th e biggest house and created a mansion.I love this seed so much, it is my favourite one.
If you go out exploring the world, eventually you'll be able to find a total of 14 villages. 10 of them are conveniently located in a line starting from the mountain by the ravine village.
This is asem. Olaso a little trighering
villages are generated last, meaning after the ravine was created the village was created next to it. it couldnt have ever been "destroyed"
Nice seed awesome for starters
Awesome seed!++
Awesome seed! ++