Published on December 03, 2020 (Updated on December 17, 2023)

Realistic Lucky Block Addon (1.20+) | Compatible With Any Addon! | 1.20.50 Update!

Hello, are you looking for lucky block addons? Look no further because I have something special for you! Introducing Realistic Lucky Block, a unique addon that sets itself apart from other addons. It offers the original version of the Lucky Block! Let's dive into the details of this addon.

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What changed with this version; 7.5

- Enhanced compatibility with various Minecraft mods, ensuring smoother integration and fewer conflicts.

- Polished the user interface for better management and control of lucky block settings.

- Link methods have changed! Now you can download the Realistic Lucky Block addon via

- Addon has been updated to the latest version of minecraft!

and fixed many bugs...

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Hello , l am a Chinese playerl want to move some of your addons to a Chinese website ( Bec ause the link in your post can ' t be downloaded by many Chinese players . I will mark the original author and the address of the original post . Hope you can agree !
I would love it if you added a super knockback stick that has a chance to come out of a lucky block anyway great addon
where the risk I was expecting mobs and traps you know like the classic this is just rewards the only thing is getting good loot or bad loot that's all the idea of lucky block is chaos

I noticed how the lucky blocks in your addon spawn as singular blocks around the world, and I was wondering if instead it could be part of a small vanilla-themed structure.

An example of this would be a simple well with a luck block in it. Itโ€™d not only look vanilla, blending into the landscape, but itโ€™d also make the lucky block more than just a block in the middle of nowhere.

Please consider this in future updates. I always love lucky block addons and I see that youโ€™re actively making it stand out from other lucky block addons, and Iโ€™m sure incorporating this suggestion would help with your goals.
Thank you for your feedback. We like your suggestion very much and we will start working on it.
Is there a way to regenerate the lucky blocks in explored chunks? Or is exploring further to get more the only option I have? I'm using the without recipe pack.
Unfortunately there are no more options. You have to go further to find the Lucky Block, as the probability of spawning has been reduced from 1% to 0.3%.