Published on November 05, 2021 (Updated on November 03, 2021)

Realistic Light S - Compatible With Any Other Addon

This addon adds light to when the player holds the torch (and other items). But with a differential that is compatible with any other addon. And it's lite for low-performance device.


Addon adds light when player holds torch, redstone torch or soul torch

The addon does not use "player.json" which allows the addon to be compatible with other addon



For the addon to work perfectly you need to activate the following experimental options


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could you please update this to being compatible for 1.18?
can you make it so other blocks and items emit light? also make so not everything works undrwater
M.R METAFLICK/EPICFLICK November 12, 2021 at 2:53 am
It work for 1.18+ ?
Okay, here's some bugs that I've encountered. First, is when holding the torch, grass blocks that have been changed to path blocks like in villages will turn into dirt blocks. Second is that when going to bed while holding the torch, a message in the chat will pop up and will say "Bed is obstructed". These are the bugs that I've encountered so far.
get killed by a creeper
Lol There's no download, just scam links that keep sending through Scamvertise. Get rekt.
It’s his website bruh it’s not a scam
Oye cuando lo exporto a minecraft los behaivors me dan error, solo se exportan los resoursepack
it is not entirely compatible with other addons.
Did you turn on the experimental features like the "Additional modding capabilities", "Upcoming creator features", and "Molang features"? If you didn't, then the addon won't work.
Bug report:
if you hold the torch near a bed it will destroy it can you fix this
Is it possible to make the torch holdable in your offhand in future updates?
Yes, I'll try to add this in the next update
Yey! Thank you.
at first it was not able to extract, unknown error was occurring
and when I managed to extract, the addon just didn't work in the world, neither with other addons, nor alone
I don't know, it's my Minecraft's problem, in the end if you solve why I would appreciate the answer, and congratulations for the effort bro, short mt these simple addons like the java ones, few people do