Published on October 19, 2021

Realistic Medieval Castle

This is a Medieval Castle i built which is pretty accurate to the ones they built in the medieval period. Its called a Concentric Castle which were built in the early medieval times to defend the Lord and the other people who lived in it from attacks. As i said the concentric castles were primarily used as a defensive residence and not for the looks of it or aesthetic as we would see in later medieval castles.

In this build you'll find all the things for a defensive castle. Two Bailey's, the inner bailey and the outer bailey, a keep, battlements, machicolations, all the necessities for people to thrive in the castle and more.


The map was built by me 

The shaders used was ESBE3G by mcbe_Eringi


Supported Minecraft versions

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Love the look of the build but is there a way you can make the download link not a zip file
This build deserves more love
The file doesn't work.
because it's a zip file :l