Published on October 16, 2020 (Updated on December 12, 2021)

Realistic Vanilla (Bedrock)

This texture pack changes Minecraft to be more realistic, without losing the essence of the game, several mobs have small changes, some Spawn eggs are single look, etc

This is my first project in this theme of Texture Pack, Addons, Maps, etc

Realistic Vanilla is a Texture Pack for Bedrock and Java that changes textures and models to make them realistic or logical without breaking the decoration, lore, and Vanilla touch of Minecraft.



In blocks, ores have variant textures to make them look natural.

In mobs, the Glow Squid and its items are blue, to resemble the Firefly squid (glowing enope squid) the real Glow Squid.

And in items such as swords, shovels, pickaxes, axes, hoes, and armors have different shapes depending on their material, for color blind people who cannot identify them with the naked eye (I am not color blind).


Here is a short list of what it comes with:


-Blackstone Blocks







-Soul Lantern

-Ancient Debris







-Music Discs



-Spawn Eggs

-Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Netherite tools

-Chiseled Blocks


-Wither Skeleton


-Enchanting Table

-Prismarine Bricks

-Bone Meal

-Broken Elytra






-Mob Spawner


-Dark Prismarine




-Smithing Table Icon


-Redstone Lamp

-Crimson and Warped Stem





-Soul Campfire

-Magma, Magma cream, Magmacube, Magmacube Spawn



There are more examples like armor, GUI, etc.



Music: Music taken from Minecraft Dungeons, DLC: Enchoing Void
Glow trident: @DarkGatoMC
Iron Golem life states: @netongas_ng
Elder Guardian, Lime, Magenta, Gray, Light Gray dyes, Amethyst Clusters, Pointed Dripstone: Vanilla Tweak's
Fire and Soul fire: StormDragon77
Mobs variants code: xanion


Pd. If you see that there are textures with colors or something that is not in the game vanillla, they are from a mod/addon that planned to do, so you know which ones I'm talking about, a small list.

Mod/addon / Vanilla

-Tungsten/Wolfram: Illagers

-Cobalt: Acacia Door and frame some paintings.

-Azalea Wood: Banner, Icon, and frame of some paintings

-Burned wood: Nether paintings

-Tungsten Axe: Vindicator Spawn

Select version for changelog:




-Polished Deepslate top

-Zombie villager, piglin spawn egg



-Cracket Deepslate Tiles











-Items frame

-Polished, sandstone slabs





Just click on the link, then download and go, it's a direct link :)


Supported Minecraft versions


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Epic texture pack, however I was wondering if you could make a pack where it only has the paintings as the texture pack I'm using now is nice but doesn't have the best selection when it comes to it's paintings.
hmmmm that gold and stone texture looks awfully similar to mine🤔
Not really.
I admit that I have taken textures from other Texture Packs, but I want to ask permission, or give credit to the original creators, and I avoided your Texture Packs because they look good to me.
2. The color of the gold I took it from Terraria, and the glow of the ingot is the same, I only used the copper ingot to make that detail of glow.
3. The one of the stone I took it from the cobblestone, and I tried to give it rock shapes.
3. The image showing the swords, shovels, etc is not updated, I forgot, so m are not the actual textures.
I would like you to play with the Texture Pack first before giving your opinion, so you don't get confused, if you have bugs, some texture or model doesn't make sense, you have ideas, etc. You can tell me.
you should make a small update that changes the texture of the otherside music disc
On which side? The discs are symmetrical in their rounded shape, if it looks disproportionate, it is an illusion of the sample image.
The music disc called "Otherside"
yeah, that's what i meant
How strange? I saw the texture and it's fine, it's the same width and circles as the others, have you seen it inside the game?
i wrote the original comment before the latest update btw

also, bug report: the adult chicken textures are sometimes glitched, and i don't know why.
my guess would be a glitch related to mob variant textures (some mobs have variants in this texture pack, right?), or because variant textures need experimental gameplay to work.

the bug was because i put the texture pack under a shader i was using
Amazing addon/texture pack, makes the game look way better (also do you mind if i use the borders you had for the images)
is that blue eye of the skeleton a reference to sans?
Yes, but I've been thinking about changing it into something else, maybe put souI fire between its ribs (same with the other skeletons) or remove the fire from its eye.
Or just make it an option for those people that, not tryin to be rude, don't like it ( its a fun gag tho)
Ia it all of then (block, entity, item etc)
did i just saw that bundles on the pic? what mc version u using?
why don't you change the ui when opening the chest&crafting tabble etc., because it will also add to the realistic.
There are 2 reasons.
I don't know how to change the UI
2. I don't know if it's possible, it's not the same as Java.
It is possible to change
But it is hard
hey uh when a goat loses its horn only part of the horn is gone and the top part is left floating, other than that this is literally the best texture pack
I like the mob variety of this pack so I would like to see a pack which will only add the variety of mobs in this