Published on October 16, 2020 (Updated on November 23, 2022)

Realistic Vanilla (Bedrock)

This texture pack changes Minecraft to make it more realistic and make some sense to the lore of the game, without losing the essence of the game, giving from small changes and details, to redesigns.

This is my first project in this theme of Texture Pack, Addons, Maps, etc

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1.19 and 1.1.5:

-Some new details in the Warden's animations, exactly in the Sonic Boom and when he roars.

-The Warden is now made of Deepslate, bones, and Sculk, reference to Alan Walker's video about the Warden and to make sense of its extreme hardness.

-The Allay has some changes, besides having a yellow MC Legends variant, which I loved.

-The Vex has been redesigned to be similar to the Allay.

-The Mangrove boards have their own design.

-The frogs have some small changes.

-Some pictures were changed with concept art from 1.19.

-The shield is made of Mangrove wood.

-The Recovery Compass looks like the original compass.

-The Ancients theme was changed with Fizz from MC Dungeons, in reference to the first legendary glimpse of the Warden.

-The chests of the new boats are made of subrespective wood.

-Everything related to the Sculk was recolored, to be consistent with the soul fire.

-Disc 5 (item) was changed.

-The Sculk Sensor has bones.


In general:

-The Armor Stand was changed.

-The elytras are now Ender Dragon wings.

-The Ender Dragon looks more like the Red Dragon design.

-The Beacon was changed, again -_-, next to the Nether Star.

-The pumpkin looks like the design of the same one from MC Legends.

-The Scaffolding has its original color palette, but keeping the white thread (for 1.20).

-The Zombie has small changes to the new Skin of Steve (before the Minecraft Live), in addition, there is a variant of Alex (in the next version I will add the missing ones).

-The Vindicator, the Witch, and the Evoker have some changes.

-The compass has its original color palette, but with the detail of the blue needle.

-Again, the music discs were changed.

-For... How many times has it been? Well, the diamond was changed, again.

-The signs were to be similar to their original design.

-The fences have better design.

-The bamboo has some changes.

-The traditional oven has a better design.


-See the wooden slabs.

-Some chiseled blocks were changed.

-The Ghast was changed to have pixel awareness at their size, I take no responsibility if they freak out.

-The Beehive with honey looks better.

-The wooden trunks have shading, even the ones in the Nether, even if it doesn't look like it.

-The ice was changed.

-The Daylight Detector was redesigned, based a bit on the original design.

-The Lodestone has micro changes.

-The Warped Fungus has another design.

-The TNT was changed.

-The normal squid was recolored, using the color palette of the giant squid from Alex's Mobs.

-The bee was changed, again.

-The Flint and Steel was changed to an iron nugget.

-The maps were changed.

-The honey bottle is unique.

-The crossbow is more realistic.

-The Totem of Undying is the "Totem of Allaying" XD.

-The sounds and particles of the explosions are more realistic.

-The sound of rain is more realistic.

-Variants of some flowers from 1 to 3 groups, or it is supposed -_-.

-Stand Tall theme was changed to Fog from MC Dungeons.

-Some rails have new designs.

-Glow Berries are square.  

-Cocoa is more realistic.

-The textures of the spawn eggs were eliminated, since I didn't have time for new designs.

-The chests were changed.


Possibly I skipped some changes, but those are the ones I remember, and excuse me if there are some bugs, it's just that it has been complicated to play Minecraft (in Java and Bedrock) for testing.



-Bugs related to the textures of some blocks and items were fixed.


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If you want to show in some video my texture pack, you have the right, I only ask for the credit of my work and the people mentioned below, and that you put the link to the page where the texture pack is.
If you have any problem with the Texture Pack, see a bug, or have ideas for it tell me in the comments or send me DM on Twitter on my account @Endmir26, it helps me a lot the Feedback, in English or Spanish is fine.
If you see someone stealing the Texture Pack or other work of mine and pass it off as yours or similar, help me to report it so that my work and the one used here is not stolen, and if you think you see that I have a texture of yours and use it without permission tell me the same in DM so I can change it or credit you, depending on what you choose.
Thanks for reading and for all the support you give me and all those who do the same, I'll bring more stuff ^_^
This is one of my favourite Texture packs. i love this. but i have a request: Make diamonds blue again. Pls i miss the blue diamonds(i know looks more realistic but very boring and it similar to iron)
Umm the addon is pretty cool, but on my device the zombie skin is invisible...
When will you fix the error in Texter (Vanilla Realistic) because it does not work in Minecraft on your mobile phone, and I deleted the entire game and created a new account, and it did not work?!
Please put or make Full Grass & Connected Glass
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A lot of the textures are broken
I've used this texture pack almost all the time. However, it looks like the download link is broke. It says that the content is copyrighted lol. How odd.
For some reason, the download worked after a few more tries, no clue why, so ignore this comment.
Hi could you do this pack again but the inventory is 1.8 Pvp GUI THANKS! For reading
Alot of the blocks and some items have the error block texture.
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Fight,Insight-&-576 November 15, 2022 at 9:12 am
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it was amazing
Some blocks are getting pink with black texture like stairs, slabs, furnace and fences
Nicccceee been waiting for for an update to this
Can u remodel the textures for the 1.19 blocks and mobs?