Published on December 10, 2015

Reality Revolx [Shaders]


Installation Guides

it is boring
i hate ad fly
Guys, old addons don’t work anymore because the creator removed the link or they moved on from making addons
the link does not work
there is no link
Please add a MediaFire link, with mcpack. Looks great tho.
yea i dont use zip and also ( i cant use zip)
Plis update plis favorite shader ??
Hey is the link broken or is it down because you're updating. Would lo e this textur pack. Also is it a .mcpack for that is easier to install and my friend is on PC so it's harder for me to tell him where to put the file when I'm on android and i know how to find it. Thx.
This is a very old post. This does not work with modern versions.
The link does not work.
Does it lag on low end devices?
um... which button is the download one???
can u pls put the download back up im on win 10 and it says the files bead deleted
I'm a very lonely person February 18, 2017 at 8:23 am
Sir editor, I really need your help here
So I downloaded it I tried to extract the .zip file and cut it to games/com.mojang/resource_packs I started playing mc but when I looked at it it isn't working how to fix sir
Does this shader pack have a wavy grass like the leaves and grass moving
It doesn't work on mcpe why do a need PC?
Try RSPE shaders: