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Published on November 18, 2014 (Updated on November 18, 2014)

Realm of Idnaya - Big Bang [32x32]

The texture pack is designed for people who enjoy medieval structures and the overall theme that the medieval time era represents. The textures are detailed and realistic, but not too realistic as it still keeps the playful feel that Minecraft is all about.

The skybox is probably the biggest change as it is complete remade. A shifting light blue color and a variety of many different cloud types represents the new realistic sky.

Creators: Zombica09 (original creator), migue_300 (ported it to MCPE)


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Can u please update this the link is not working adfly is one of the worst ever theres nothing in the file 😫
Can you please make a newer version of the download because I’m downloading it off a newer device it won’t work it would also be cool if we could have a house mod where you use commands to make what house you want such as / give (player who ever you are ) and then Redstone mansion it would be very handy (= please subscribe to my yt Molly bluedragon
This is full of JohnSmiths textures, original and modified.
Hello, um I might be late but...Please please pleeeeaaaase make a custom sky texture pack!!!
it said it cant open texture pack
Whar shaders are those.
Looks great! Does this work on 0.10.4 on iOS?
It is great. I gave it a quick try and it worked fine for me. I didn't look at every block though but the sand & forest terrains I were in looked nice. I tried it on Android.
How can i download texture packs
Click the grey "Download" button in the bottom of the page below all the images.
I dont know to download the texture pack. how to download it?
Works perfectly fine for me. You are redirected to and then have to click "Skip ad" in the top right corner to be redirected to MediaFire.
Same to mè doesn't work says problem loading page Im usiñ Firefox on Àndròid
Try this download link: