RealSource TRAILER RTX Pack

A new texture pack based on Minecraft trailers. Do you like the look of Minecraft trailers? If so, then this package is just for you !!! 16px Minecraft trailer look with lots of nice details and full RTX SUPPORT!!!

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Update 1.1 released!
This update adds a lot of new textures and fixes.

Updated stones, glass, doors, lava and many more updated reflections and NORMAL maps.


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Its not working
Certain blocks turn blue. And black spots can appear in the sky.
This happens no matter which RTX I use, is there a way to deal with this?
I was looking for this for so long. Thank you very much!
very good map !!! How to download ?
Also, one thing I'd suggest is to invert the End Stone heightmap. The reason the "cracks" are lighter in the texture is because they're actually protrusions surrounding indented holes, like moon rock.
I LOVE IT! As you said, many things aren't done, but this is looking great! I also put MADLAD's Defined PBR under it to get all the bug fixes his pack has. When do you think you'll finish this project? And will you keep it updated?