Published on March 02, 2021 (Updated on March 21, 2021)

Reanimation (BETA)

You were invited back to your old work place after you left 10 years ago. The old lab looks like it has been abandoned for years, but then who invited you? Somebody has to be here. But there isn't, there is only the reanimator. The machine that can ONLY create simple things. 

This is a Bendy and the Ink machine stile game. Although that is like the First chapter of Bendy the story is different and the lore is also different. It's very recommended that you FOV is at least 90 for this map. This is just a Beta for the full game. Its time to return to work 

In more depth this is a first person adventure/horror map/puzzle map. 

This is my first map plz don't bully.  

This place is looking abandoned. . . or is it? The reanimator is malfunctioning and it's up to you to try and set it straight. 

 Chapter 2

After failing 20ft below the surface, your character as to find another way to the surface to get out of the nightmare. Each floor has the danger for the creation is always watching for you.

 The door is flooded you must drain it.

Reanimation chapter 2 reveal trailer

Chapter 3 "The begining of the End"

You must find a way out of the workshop at all costs even take and old dangerous elevator what could go wrong it, has held that reanimator why not you? 

You can take the stairs,

Or the elevator,  

The player finally has a safehouse,

Five different floors in one map,

Stay away from these at ALL COSTS.

Chapter 4 will not come up by itself it will come with the full game.

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Added back the beta chapter 1  and fix errors in chapter 3


  • Reanimation_1616173074.mcworld
  • Reanimation The Beginning of the End.mcworld
  • Reanimation Chapter 2 Into the Depths.mcworld

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Hello Guys I have decided that the main game will go up with this site Getting a very big update and switch out with the order versions. But They will come in a Separate ZIP file that has to be put in like any old map then. I will show how to do this when the new game is out. Thank you for the support.
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Really Great Map As A Beginner, Hope You Make Chapter 3 I’ll be waiting until you get popular
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This map is incredible, very similar to, the game {the gameplay is very similar to the game on which you are based}, too bad it does not have much yet, but that comes soon the cap:1{obs}forgot to give the note kkkk
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This map is incredible, much like, the game {the gameplay is very similar to the game on which you base}, too bad it does not have much yet, but it arrives soon the cap v2:1
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Can You Make Chapter 2 Plz:>
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