Published on June 04, 2017 (Updated on June 04, 2017)

RecipeBook Addon

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Does it work with other mods?
when i use the crafting table my game crashes Can u fix that please?.
bruh don't need any addon anymore
It is notch
Can you add craft stacks... it’s a hassle to craft melon seeds when you have to tap 64 times for each stack
Honestly, for me, this is better than the 1.2 recipe book
Hi Editor,
Do you still plan a update for this essential mod ?
(well, essential for the noobs and the VR players)
lightninghunter CR August 17, 2017 at 3:19 am
there are very less plz include the harder ones like enchanting table cake etc
I can't get some of the mods, addons, and maps cuz of But I still love gitting a lot of stuff.
AMAZING 9001/10 I can't wait for more recipes!!!
So You Know To Craft In Minecraft PE or Minecraft PC or Minecraft Xbox360
This is a useful mod! I love it!
At least ! The game is now playable in VR for the noobs !
Thanks ! Can't wait for the update !
I only saw now it stills being worked to have more recipes congrats for the good work
Like the idea but it keeps crashing Minecraft, I'm applying it to global settings and I have nothing else activated in global, MC crashes as soon as you exit from settings. (On Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, version 1.1.0
Does anybody realize that if u shirt he to the pocket GUI it has this and u don't need an addon