Published on May 29, 2024 (Updated on May 28, 2024)

¡Recupera El Nether!

[EN] Have you seen those server events, in which after finishing, the map no longer comes to light? Don't worry! Well, in ARQUIZ 25603 all events will be uploaded to download, and recently we have had the first server event, this is RECUPERA EL NETHER

What does it consist of? 3 phases.


Parkour.- Upon entering, you will go through an exciting parkour full of atmosphere


Looting.- All players, upon reaching this point, all of them, will have 3 minutes to prepare and get ready for the battle that follows


BossFight.- After 3 minutes, players will face "ORFEO", an interesting boss to fight.



-This map is created and made with the precise difficulty to be played from 1-5 players per game.}

-The purpose of uploading this map is to record the events that are used on this minecraft server for bedrock, it is by default made for a server, not for the general public, in case you find a logic problem within it.


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  • New soundtracks have been added for the world.
  • The creations have been added.
  • The waiting screen has been removed.
  • Removed camera shake effect. Many bugs fixed
  • Map page updated



  • RecuperaElNether.mcworld (8.63 MB)

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