Published on February 27, 2020 (Updated on March 05, 2020)

Recycle Craft Add-on (1.14+)

When you have some useless items, do you just toss them waya or burn them in lava? With this add-on you can burn your useless items and gain XP! Not only that, you'll also receive a new items used to make bonemeal and new building blocks.

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Changed the secret trade from the "Weapon smith" to "Tool smith" villager.



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Okay, I love the concept and it works in game. However placing the Recycler and watching it just move around my house is a bit concerning as I'd like to be able to reliably have it in one place. Please make it a block instead of an entity.
It was an awesome addon can you update it to 1.16.221, because actualy the Incinerator is an entity not a block
It doesnt give me any cinders
Failed to import ????
Only accepts wood planks? I tried with rotten flesh and did'nt work
Minecraft_Lover_23 July 24, 2021 at 3:19 pm
in the description he never mentioned it does rotten flesh only wood or leather
Cool, is good
The add-on is amazing! really easy way of getting exp would definitely add to your enchanting room, tho can you make it where you can recycle buttons???
Great addon, it's a lot easier to get levels this way. Plus, it actually works.
PLEASE MAKE A COFFEE ADDON! With placable cups and an animated coffee machine!???
I have a question, how do you create a texture pack, and do you need a PC to do it?
You can create texture on android using app isopix
I just wanted to say great mod! oh also ive found a bug where you can put cinders into the incinerator, to get more cinders and xp
The addon is nice and cool but the adfly is stupid.
I recommend you to not use adfly, but use something else, cuz I wanted to install it and adfly makes me trapped in there.
How to craft Cinder block ?
It's so cool