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Published on February 03, 2021 (Updated on February 03, 2021)

Red Bull Addon

Red Bull gives you wiiiiings!

This Red Bull Addon gives you the amazing ability to float around your world for a short time with just a few easy to find crafting ingredients.

The Red Bull Addon is a simple levitation potion with a slow falling effect added. You will be able to float up to a high peak without the risk of falling damage.

The Slow Falling effect will last 10 seconds longer then the levitation effect so you have plenty of time to fall to safety.

The Levitaion will last 45 seconds.

Download and enjoy a simple but effective addon.

Leave a comment if you enjoy this addon or if you find any issues with it. Also if your feeling generous give a rating and subscribe. Thank you.

It is forbidden to redistribute this addon, if you make a review please give credits and make sure all links to this addon are to this page, Do not make your own Mediafire links to this addon. Thank You

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Simply download and install to enjoy.

Make sure to download both the Resource and the Behaviour Pack for this to work

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