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Published on July 07, 2016 (Updated on July 07, 2016)

Redstone Master 2 [Parkour] [Puzzle]

Do you master the art of redstone? This map provides the perfect challenge to test your redstone skills with a combination of parkour. In each level you will be provided a blueprint for the redstone and you have to use block rules to figure out how to structure the redstone. If you succeed then a door will open and you can move onto the next level.

Creator: SUEZ

How to play?

In each parkour level you can retrieve items related to redstone. Read the block rules to find out on which blocks you are allowed to place the redstone blocks.

Here's the solution for the first level to give you an idea how it works. Find and stand on a pressure plate to retrieve the redstone items. Then use the block rules to place them on the clay blocks. If you do it right the door to the even more complex level will open.

Block Rules

  • Yellow clay = Redstone (powder)
  • Brown clay = Redstone torch, wooden button
  • Orange clay = Redstone torch
  • Light blue clay = Allowed to place this block, even if there isn't a red block. Not allowed to place blocks on this block.
  • Red clay = Stone blocks, hopper
  • Magenta clay = Redstone comparator
  • Lime clay = Redstone repeater

Installation Guides

Guest-7266711059 May 24, 2020 at 4:10 pm
There is no media file
I love this map!
Can't you make a .mcworld please??!!!??!
CrazyLeopard I watched your video and it said to download file master right? But I want to know how to use it in the internet no download and I don't think that's possible
On iOS, download "Documents", then download the file. It'll bring you to a page saying "Open in "Documents"". Click that and it will add the .zip file, tap the file and it will add a file. Go in the normal file and select all the items in it and select Zip. Deselect everything and select the new file called Archive. Rename it to have the end .mcworld and then "Share" the new .mcworld file to McPE. That's what I do
That be cool to download
Please make this a .mcworld file!!!
You don't need a .mcworld file, check out my YouTube channel for how to download maps when there not .mcworld. My Channel: CrazyLeopard128
You do %appdata% in files then click it on the top again were it says appdata and then go to "local" and then go to packages and then microsoft.minecraft click localstate and then games com.mojang and then MinecraftWorlds.
What i Do Next to Touch The botton Download? :( Please help
Yes, click the download button it takes you to Mediafire, then click download, finally you figure that out
i super like this mon