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Published on January 25, 2017 (Updated on July 22, 2018)

Redstone Mechanic Addon

Redstone Mechanic is an add-on which replaces 25 vanilla mobs with awesome Redstone mobs! It also adds a whole bunch of new items such as underwater helmets and powerful weapons. You can also ride on flying chairs and cool motorcycles while fighting many of the different evil robots around the world. As a whole, it's a really good add-on with lots of cool features which will greatly enhance your survival gameplay experience! Creator: TheEnderface, Twitter Account Helper: KeyyardTwitter Account Updated: 22 July, 2018 (read changelog)


Dispenser Robot: Shoots three different types of projectiles (arrows, snowballs or fireballs) at other mobs (not monsters) and players.
  • Replaces creeper
  • You can ignite it with flint & steel to transform it into a primed TNT block
  • Health: 10 hearts
  • Neutral towards player
  • Hostile towards hostile mobs
Flying Chair: This is a mechanical chair which can be used by players for riding. A really cool thing is that it can fly! Simply press the jump button while seated to be launched up into the air and then just move in the direction you want to go.
  • Replaces chicken
  • Rideable similar to a horse, jump to start flying
  • Health: 10 hearts
Observer Robot: This mob acts as a guard and will help protect the player against dangerous mobs.
  • Replaces iron golem
  • Helps player
  • Attacks hostile monsters
  • Explodes before it dies
Once it starts shaking that means it will shortly explode and that you need to get away quickly! Redstone Turret: If a hostile mob is detected then it will start firing snowballs and arrows at the enemy. It's very weak though so make sure to place it somewhere mobs can't reach it.
  • Replaces snow golem
  • Health: 2 hearts
  • Shoots arrows and snowballs
Hopper/Collector Machine: This is a complete new type of machine which works similar to a lawn mower. Even that isn't a great description. You can put it on a leash and then pull it after you. It will automatically pick up any dropped items and store it. (iOS / Android: Long press on machine and press Open to access items. Windows 10: Right-click on the machine to access the inventory.)
  • Replaces wither skeleton
  • Health: 10 hearts
  • Collects items
  • Leashable
Redstone Destroyer: An enemy robot which will shoot snowballs at its opponent. It will automatically try to ride a Redstone Motor if the difficulty level in the game settings is set to hard.
  • Replaces skeleton
  • Hostile
  • Health: 20 hearts
Redstone Golden Destroyer: It is similar to the Redstone Destroyer except that it is stronger and shoots fireballs.
  • Replaces stray
  • Hostile
  • Health: 25 hearts
Redstone Motor: A new type of vehicle which can be controlled by holding redstone or a diamond or iron sword in your hand. You can boost it by tapping with redstone on the ground. If it dies it will explode.
  • Replaces the witch
  • Health: 12.5 hearts
  Dropper Robot: This robot only appears by giving a Dispenser Robot (creeper) a dropper block. But since the Dispenser Robot is hostile it's not going to be easy. However, if you are successful, you will have yourself a Dropper Robot which will trade treasures (such as diamonds and gold ingots) for redstone dust.
    • Replaces zombie villager
    • Health: 10 hearts
  • Feed it redstone to receive valuable items
TNT Anator: This one is a hostile mob which will only spawn in the Nether. It shoots TNTs to attack its targets (which are mostly any living creature) and it is itself immune to TNT.
  • Replaces zombie pigman
  • Health: 25 hearts
  • Hostile, shoots TNTs
Necrocircuit: The Necrocircuit is a hostile mob which can be found flying around in the Nether. It's very strong and shoots three fireballs at the same time at its enemies.
  • Replaces ghast
  • Health: 75 hearts
  • Hostile, shoots fireballs
Legion: The Legion is a mechanic robot which stands several blocks high. As soon as it locks in on a target it won't stop attacking it until it's dead (or until it's killed itself).
  • Replaces enderman
  • Health: 25 hearts
  • Attack damage: 100
  • Melee attack, spawns lightning strikes
Auto Scorpion: Watch out for the tail! It will sting you! If you get hit then you might get infected and get a poisonous effect for five seconds.
  • Replaces spider
  • Shoots 1-3 shockwaves (poisonous effect for 5 seconds)
  • Health: 8 hearts
Mega Auto Scorpion: The Mega Auto Scorpion is considered an extremely dangerous boss. It's basically a much better version of the Auto Scorpion. Luckily, it spawns very rarely.
  • Replaces cave spider
  • Shoots a burst of shockwaves for 3 seconds
  • Rare boss, only spawns in mineshafts
  • Health: 500 hearts
Flyborg: The Flyborg is a hostile murder machine. Everything about it is pure evil.
  • Replaces zombie
  • Flying mob
  • Shoots redstone bullets (shulker projectiles) (4 attack damage on impact)
  • Health: 5 hearts
  • Drops 16 - 32 redstone dust
Pyroborg: This one is a hostile mob which can be found roaming the deserts of Minecraft looking for lost players to kill.
  • Replaces husk
  • Flying mob
  • Shoots 2 small fireballs (2 attack damage), causes fire on impact
  • Health: 5 hearts
  • Drops 16 - 32 redstone dust
Protector Bot: The Protector Bot is one of the most useful robots to the player. Not only will it protect you against hostile robots and monsters but it will also let you ride both on the ground and in air!
  • Replaces blaze
  • Friendly towards players
  • Rideable mob which can fly (riding works similar to a horse)
  • Shoots redstone bullets (20 attack damage, bullets explode on impact)
  • Health: 300 hearts
  • Automatically attacks the nearest mob, chargest their energy before shooting the bullets
  • Burning engine particles
  • Healable with redstone
  • Upgrade Jump with coal:
    • Normal (20%)
    • Stage 1 (40%)
    • Stage 2 (60%)
    • Stage 3 (80%)
    • Stage 4 (100%)
Robot Workbench: This robot can be used for crafting any of the robots which are helpful for the players.
  • Coal = Flying Chair
  • Iron Ingot = Dispenser Robot
  • Gold Ingot = Redstone Motor
  • Emerald = Observer Robot
  • Redstone = Turret
V Mechanic: This robot is considered a boss and if you want to have any chance to kill him then it's recommended that you make use of the Protector Bot.
  • Replaces the wither boss
  • Flying mob
  • Shoots explosive redstone missiles (4 attack damage)
  • Health: 500 hearts
  • Drops nether star and some redstone blocks
Octobomb: The Octobomb is a floating explosive bomb. If you hit it then it will immediately explode.
  • Replaces the Squid
  • Explodes if being hit (10 explosion power)
  • Found in the water
Momotone and Kinotone: These robots aren't much different from the Guardians which they replace. The main differences you will notice are their textures, models and health.
  • Replaces Elder Guardian and Guardian
  • Swims fast in water
  • Momotone health: 50 hearts
  • Kinotone health: 25 hearts
  • Attack damage: 10 - 20 (same damage type to the normal guardians)
Sea Destroyer: Dangerous hostile which lives underwater. Kills both fish and players. At a quick glance this mob looks like a rusty ordinary destroyer. Redstone Staff: The Redstone Staff replaces the Trident and has the same functionalities as the Trident. Miwi: The Miwi is a robotic rabbit which you can tame by feeding it some redstone dust. Once tamed, they will give you Redpearl Teleporter every 5 minutes. When the Redpearl (Ender Pearl) is ready it will start shifting colors. The Miwi spawns in most biomes such as flowered forests, deserts and snow biomes.
  • Replaces Rabbit
  • Tameable with redstone dust
  • Gives you Redpearl Teleporter every 5 minutes
  • Spawns in most biomes and also by killing a Redstone Legion (Enderman)

Armor, Items & Weapons

The Technology Evolution update adds a bunch of new items. To obtain these items you will need to trade with an Engineer Villager (replacing Priests). Most trades require Redstone Material which is a new item you can get by killing the new mobs.

Redstone Helmets

Water Helmet: This is the ultimate helmet for exploring the ocean as by wearing the helmet you will be able to breathe underwater. Night Vision Helmet: By wearing this helmet you will get a night vision status effect. Perfect for going on late night adventures or exploring caves!


Redstone Sword (replaces Fishing Rod) is a useful weapon against the robots. It can be used to electrocute your enemy by pressing the Electric Power interact button or long tap on the screen (or right-click if you are on Windows 10). Redstone Crossbow (replaces Bow) has very good gravity and attack damage, and it also has a very accurate aim. It requires Redstone Rods (Arrows) for firing.

Mob Heads

  • Golden Destroyer Head - 8 Healths
  • Destroyer Head - 4 Healths

In-Game Documentation / Guide

You can access a guide / documentation via the menu options in-game. There you can find out all you need to know about the add-on.

Trailer Creator's Note: Super Huge Thanks To @Keyyard On Twitter For Helping Me Adding Item Technique, Set Loots For Mobs And Making Tredes


Technology Evolution:
  • Now This addon more optimized for survival mode
  • Now Model for Dispenser and Dropper robot!
  • New Model for Protector bot
  • New Model for Necrocircuit
  • New Model for Robot Workbench
  • New Model for TNT Anator
  • New Robotic Sounds For Destoyer, Scorpion, Flyborg, And TNT Anator
  • Added Engineer Villager
  • Added Miwi
  • Added Redstone Crossbow
  • Added Supply Chest
  • Added Addons And Info Menu
  • Now Flyborg And Pyroborg Removed After 5 Minutes
  • Added RPG Rocket, Weapon For Sea Destroyer
  • Added Destroyers Mob Head
  • Added Redstone Water Helmet
  • Added Redstone Night Vision Halmet
  • Added Mechanic Block
  • Now Redstone Legion Transform To Miwi When Death
  • Nether Dimension Now Transformed To Redstone Dimension
Bug Fixes
  • Fix Protectorbot Not Attacking Nearest Mob
  • Fix Auto Scorpion Stuck, Not Moving
  • Fix Dropper Robot Model Contain Villager Model
  • Fix Fireball, Shockhave, Arrow Not Disapear
  • Fix Explosion Destroy Block When Gamerule Mob Griefing False


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world

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I just noticed this addon have been since I was like 7 and it is still here I cant find but now I found it back.
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Addons don't work for iPads anymore >:*(
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Guest-1427613602 May 01, 2020 at 1:35 pm
Cool mod I managed to get it on xbox can you make a Redstone mechanic mod for Java and Bedrock edition I need something like this so I can make a map
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Hey TheEnderface, can you make a link that goes to Mediafire? If so, thanks!
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What version it supported?
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What version it supported?
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What version does it support? I would like to test this out.
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Or from mcpedl to media fire.
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Can I make a link that it will go to media fire straight? But I will go to media fire from here to there, there I will copy paste the link.
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JAZPERLIKESTHISADDON August 21, 2019 at 1:55 am
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Plss update this addon
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Guys don't download this one.. There is a new one!! It's cool and more cooler than this you guys need to down load that type"Redstone mechanic and there!
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Plss fix the golden destroyer because his glitchy
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hey why is it dropping flowers instead of redstone on the supply box plz fix
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Would like a direct link
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