Published on May 27, 2021 (Updated on June 24, 2021)

Remaster Blocks

Have you ever stopped and thought, "This block should be better", here's what you wanted, this addon adds several remastered blocks without replacing the old ones (this is a beta version, blocks can undergo texture changes).

Now you will have several new blocks without losing the old ones if I liked them too, below I will show the blocks that were added:

(for now, items can only be obtained by craft or commands)

The wood has several varieties and will always be made with the same craft:

the new brick now has a darker shade:

this green concrete is kind of weird isn't it ?:

Now we have the smooth polished blocks, they were polished 3 more times, I think:

(the 3 have the same craft)

two new blocks have also been added so far. Neon blocks are green and purple in color and shine at night:

(the 2 have the same craft)

We also have dark blue blocks:


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This Addon addon add new Blocks remastered,include the  original Blocks.


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Great addon bro!! Especially love the fact it doesn’t replace anything
thanks, i was afraid people would not like it because it is a simple addon, but good that you liked it :)