Published on December 24, 2016 (Updated on December 24, 2016)

Remember Death 2 [Puzzle]

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Why is it called Remember Death? But cool map except for the fact that it blows itself up..... :/
The map would be more fun if you know... the map DOESN'T blow up. It's annoying to keep on re downloading the map. Stop ignoring these kinds of comments and please take this in mind, if this obvious problem is fixed. The map would be 10 times better, thank you!
Is it just me because every wrong answer blows the whole map up LOL
AMAZING ????? Luv it almost as much as I luv frogs?????
I didn't know you can speak Vietnamese! I can too!
I really love it !
So fun!
Rember death is a reallt cool map but, it wastes your storage a little bit because if you get the answer wrong then boom map gone and you'll have to danload it again Plz Change.
But then if it explodes the map will... u know blow up and we need to download another new one.
1 day till x-mas Yey