furniture Kraft V1.5 (1.21)

Furniture Kraft adds to your Minecraft game more than 550 customizable and interactive furniture cats with more color options and smart interaction that makes your world more beautiful with smooth use and lets you live a real life. Eat, drink, shower, prepare food, watch TV... Invite your friends to a fancy dinner party with... Furniture making

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📌Some bugs have been fixed

📌80 new pieces of furniture have been added

📌16 colors were added to the bathroom sink

📌16 colors were added to the large bathroom cabinet

📌16 colors have been added to the woman

📌16 colors have been added to the bathroom sink

📌16 colors have been added to the bathroom towel

📌Update V1.4 has been merged with 1.5

📌Color tones have changed

📌The shape of the TV table has been improved

📌The office has been improved

📌The yacht table has been improved

📌The wardrobe has been improved


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Dining chair and dining table no crafting recipe for ketchin block please fix.
Kiwi fruit and cup mug no recipe too
Help me pls!
I already followed every steps for this addon (Experiment, resource pack etc)
But it doesn't shown anything in the stone cutter and it's there something i missing?
This issues is still happening this day...
You can help me if you were kind enough♥
[Minecraft 1.21]
no link :((((
SettingThingsRight June 27, 2024 at 10:29 am
another Needs holiday creation features as just enabling beta api won't work nothing shows up.
As better on bedrock dev stated holiday features is going away I test every addon now in a new world im not adding any addon that needs holiday creation features or biome toggle to my main world. Atm the only furniture packs that work are Pet & Feudal Furniture & modern furniture go to those if u plan to update your game.
So far it is working on version 1.21 without any problems, but when it stops, I will update it, so do not worry
addon ini lumayan bagus tapi masih ada bug nya sedikit mohon di perhatikan dan di perbaiki
Actually I try to fix all the errors and if there is something wrong tell me about it
It looks like with the update to furniture Kraft from Remon Furniture, Most of the floor decor and wall decor has been removed. Any chance to get that back?
In fact, the decoration package was separated from the furniture in order for the furniture to work smoothly, and also the décor of the floors and walls was working in great precision, and Rima this is not suitable in Minecraft, so the decorations will be redesigned on the accuracy of Minecraft, and I will put the decoration link when I add that
Hey! can you give me a link to your discord. Every time I join it says Its invalid.
Try to join my Telegram channel there updates are posted and everything
why does it show no installable files? plz fix
انت عربي؟
you said that you'll give credit to me for the thumbnail ? and i found nothing here
In fact you put your clip in the page