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Published on August 09, 2016 (Updated on August 09, 2016)

Remote Explosives Mod

How I install this mod?
Can these support
I tried downloading this mod for minecraft pe, but it was a zip file, so I couldn’t access it as I use iOS
Done ! I succesfull use this mods
what mod or seed is that screen shot from?
The remote explosives mod!
You accidentally put rain instead of raid in the last sentence
Thanks! I fixed it.
So how does moderation work on this site? Is there just 1 poster/you? But you obviously give credit for the people making the content.
It is primarily me (John) who does the posting. But sometimes I've got moderators who help with accepting comments and posting stuff. Currently none of them are very active. Basically they come and go as they please.
Cool! At MCPEHub, we have a bunch of moderators and a bunch of posters lol