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Reshaped Blocks

This resource pack changes the block shapes and textures of various blocks. it changes the bone block, obsidian, nonflowing lava, mob spawner, infested stone, seagrass, planks, logs, packed ice, blue ice, torch, glass, and hopper 

These blocks have the following shapes on them. some of these blocks are only retextured:

bone block - chorus flower

obsidian - glass pane 

non-flowing lava - glass pane

mob spawner - dragon egg

infested stone (all types) - fence

seagrass - coral fan (might not be visible in this photo)

planks - brewing stand

logs (not stripped) - brewing stand

packed ice - rows

blue ice - anvil

torch - Lapis Textured

glass - fence

hopper - Iron block textured


This should support any version.
Also, the "Brighter hoppers" is part of this original add-on but it only changes the hoppers and nothing else.

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One word, "Perfect". Keep the good job up ?
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?bad addon ım play a mobile but addon this very have shadow FIX IT (NOTE:IM TURKISH) Türkçe bilen yazsın?
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This requires night vision addons/potion effect and smooth lighting OFF
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This cursed pack sure is cool isn't it?
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whats the point
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Lol if I put this with the cursed texture pack it would be so cursed
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Dang it....
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This is a texture pack, not an addon. Can you move the location of your pack? Btw nice textures!
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I marked it as an add-on because it's not actually a texture pack that changes every block in the game anyway. Other creators use that tag on their submissions.
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this is just cursed
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Very very cool ?
How can I get the (spawner) in this way alone
Also, can you make the wood in a circular shape
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DM me on discord for a separate version of that
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Literally, why...
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