Published on May 13, 2022

Rex Corrupted World

a great evil is loose in the world!, little by little it spreads, infecting blocks and mobs, can you survive it? see now this wonderful addon that promises to make your game more difficult!

hello I'm Mr Rex Royal and I bring you another addon! let's go


The corruption

Corruption appears all over the world as entire corrupted areas and little by little, it starts to spread through the blocks around it turning all the blocks around it into its corrupted version

in survival these contaminated areas are dangerous, the grass causes the poison effect, sand the hunger effect, and the leaves the wither effect, and so on.



corrupted steel

there are 2 ores in the addon the corrupted iron ore that forms when corruption finds an ore other than diamond and emerald, this ore is a little better than iron and its differential is that to create your tools you will need from the corrupted stick you get from the corrupted wood variant

pure gem

this is the strongest ore in the addon it forms when corruption meets a diamond or emerald ore, you can craft tools, swords and armor with all addon ores, plus the pure gem ore has a second function that I will talk about more forward 



now let's talk about the addon mobs! they appear all over the world, in general they are contaminated variants of the normal mobs in the game, however some of them have abilities such as the corrupted spider that can trap you in its web the corrupted cow that causes the effect of nausea the master skeleton that when it dies calls a final shower of arrows on the player or the corrupted player who comes equipped with corrupted iron armor and an immortality totem! what gives him an extra life

But without a doubt, the dangerous evil ability of corrupted mobs is to contaminate other mobs! when a mobs is contaminated it will gain double life and atake, and from now on it will be aggressive to all mobs in the game

the resistance

but don't worry, to help in the fight against corruption we have the resistance! a group of "other players" who fight against corruption and its monsters you find them in their fortress that appears in the forest and snow plain biomes, they are led by the amcion, a scientist who lives doing experiments trying to find a cure for the corruption

you can trade with him and buy his sword the ancient sword a sword that does 10 damage and gives the village hero and regeneration effects

studying the pure gem ore the elder discovered that he is able to stop corruption, so resistance soldiers wearing full armor of this ore are immune to contamination from mobs, however this ore is very rare and there is no armor for everyone


the addon has some items, like the corrupted stick, corrupted glowstone dust, corrupted thread... and you get these items from the blocks and mobs of the addon


you can start a corruption just by placing a contaminated block on the ground, in addition you can speed up the speed at which it spreads just type "/gamerule randomtickspeed 10"


for now the corruption doesn't work in the nether (I want to add a corruption of its own for the nether in the future...) so here's the tip you can use nether blocks to protect yourself from corruption


if you play this addon together with rex swords...

the addon's swords will appear in the resistance base chests if you play this addon together with rex medieval villagers v3...

you will find mercenary soldiers and new villagers patrolling along with resistance soldiers


It's hard to show how corruption spreads through images, so if you want to know more than one, check out this video...

and if you like my addons and want to support me, check out my youtube channel there we have a goal of 1 addon per month!!.

if you have any problems with the link shortener visit...

if you want to know more about how I created this addon, take a look at this video (attention audio in portuguese brazil)


if you are going to record a video about this addon leave the download link for this page and the credits for my youtube channel thanks


don't forget to activate the experimental gameplays, the addon was tested on 1.18.30 but I believe it will work on any version above 1.18



download the addon in .mcaddon and just click on it and the addon will be automatically imported into the game! more ATTENTION, sometimes it fails in this case download it in .zip and import it into the game manually if you don't know how to do that visit...


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Super Shark Gaming May 14, 2022 at 9:55 am
looks sick! ima try it!