Published on August 10, 2021 (Updated on April 20, 2022)

Rex Swords | V2 100+ Swords

Hello! do you like swords? do you want a big and fun addon with 100 swords with unique skills if so take a look at this addon the rex swords!

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  • 50 new swords added! totaling 100 swords
  •  several recipes have been changed 
  • a bug that occurred when the player held a sword in survival he simply gained an extra life heart has been fixed 
  • new images for the page 
  • ancient sword improvements 
  • now the download has 2 formats .zip and .mcaddon



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Idk if its me or the addon but if its the addon can you please fix the file? I keep getting an error and it looks like such a cool addon
Update: I got it to work no worries
may i use some textures for n addon im creating? i will give credit in a showcase.
which complement? I think you better create your own textures (it's more original and will add more quality to your addon) but you can use my textures just leave the credits for this page please
please update this, this was one of the best addons so far.
Updated please and add more sowrds
a cool idea is a villager cald swordsmen with the new swords