Published on January 24, 2021 (Updated on February 03, 2021)

RGB Lanterns Texture Pack

Are you bored of old lanterns being orange? Sure, you can craft soul lanterns, but they're just blue. Say hello to RGB Lanterns - The first ever pack that changes the colour of lanterns! 

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What’s New?

Updated Links so they should work better!

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Coming Soon

Updating soul lanterns to the new RGB texture!


Supported Minecraft versions

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funciona perfectamente, sin ningún problema, como fue demostrado, en los ejemplos, aquí.

minecraft RGB god 🛐🛐🛐

lo probé en la 1.19.10 y sin ningún problema, no lo se, si eso importa, pero, ahí dejo el dato
For the absence of advertising respect
That direct link you my
yo larrytllama can i use ur pack for my texture pack and don’t worry i’ll give credit😀
Yeah of course! I honestly don't care about using it or editing it. Just as long as you don't repost just the pack then I'm happy! Have fun texturing!
Does it add more or does it change the original to change color
It changes the original to change colour.
It’s a texture pack, so it doesn’t add, it edits!
I love this but can you make it so the Soul Lantern is also RGB?
Hey it's not working, it says this type of file is not supported even though I pressed the other link which is if it is not working.
At the top right of the page, there should a three dots icon. Click that and there should be a download button.

The reason it says it’s not supported is because it’s not supported for viewing. That’s all.
If you are on the Google Drive app, then you might need to click the button called “create a copy”. Then it’ll save to your Google drive. If it still doesn’t work, contact me on discord (LarryTLlama #8588) and I’ll send the pack over! This should work though