Published on November 19, 2019 (Updated on June 26, 2020)

RHINOS! Addon!

Time to get out there! Time to find new mobs!! Time to tame those mobs and ride them and use them to CRUSH your enemies!!! In other words, it's time for RHINOS.

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Fixed spawn bug in 1.16 and confirmed working in this version.



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It is a nice addon, adding rhinoceros. I think you should improve the texture, and also add extincted rhinoceros like sumatran, northern unicorn rhino and north white rhinos to represent it's extinct feature. I am not demanding you to do it, I think it'll be a great addition! Ty
This is awesome dude
Guest-4615332050 May 06, 2020 at 8:43 am
And Elasmotherium!
Hi, great addon. Could I use this addon on one of my own creatures? please
Hey I have a idea for something a lizard that mimics things like cats and stuff that attacks players and when encountered as a baby can be tamed with rabbit meat (maybe have it shoot a ball of salvia that slows/blinds you) and make the tamed ones sit on their owner's shoulders like a parrot.
Pueden hacer un addon de canguros? (Kangaroo)
¿Pueden hacer un complemento de canguros?
Pueden hacer un addon de canguros? (Kangaroo)
Hagan un addon de canguros llamado “Kangaroos!”?
Could you make Big Tyrannosaurus Rex That Can Crush and Destroy Things?
Hermoso me encantan los rinocerontes
The addon is great but pls texture Is not looking great
I love this addon but I will download this later. Can you also make an elephant addon on the next addon.
-Tameable with Sugarcane
-Able to pick up items
And so on....
First interesting addon on here in a LOOONG, LONG LONG TIME.