Rideable Hoglin V2

You just feel tired of going around to nether world and hurry up to escape the monster to the nether without horse?

This addon allow the players to ride the hoglin (new mob in nether update 1.16.0) so you can going around and escape faster with hoglin.

I hope you like it!

Now hoglin are tameable

You can tame hoglins by feeding it a crimson roots

Once it's tamed you can equip hoglin a saddle to control it's movements like a horse and it can jump

You can heal damage tamed hoglins by feeding it cooked beef and raw beef

And hey tamed hoglins protect you from the hostile mobs like a tamed wolf

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Now hoglins can be rided by taming it first and equiping it a saddle


Before You Activate The Addon Turn On The Experimental Gameplay Buttons

In the download link is no ads so you can download it faster, when you download it click the file and the minecraft open wait for the addon insert the addon.

When you activate the resources pack also behavior pack will automatically activated

Supported Minecraft versions

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Puedes hacer que no te sigan, cómo los caballos, seria genial .
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Make like you have to tame a hoglin so its a challenge
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I modified the minecraft apk and I see the test_vanilla1.6 and I see the hoglin and piglin behavior and resources
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Great add-on! I have a question. How did you get the original files for the hoglin in order to edit them? I haven't been able to find any beta templates so far...
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