Published on January 26, 2023 (Updated on January 23, 2023)

Rifax's Roleplay Mod [2.7] 1.19

Hey my friend, yes you,  I present you the best roleplay mod for Minecraft bedrock, this mod adds more than 20 roleplay outfits and many items that will improve roleplay, I made this addon because it seemed to me that Minecraft bedrock was missing a mod entirely dedicated to roleplay and I also wanted one like that , that's why instead of waiting I do it by myself.

This mod took me a long time so if you are going to showcase this mod, put mcpedl link and don't the direct link.If this is not respected I will have to take action, Thank you very much.

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Make more drugs in this mod
HI, yes I will try to add more, but some complain that if they upload this plugin they will be demonetized the video
Es compatible con realm y con otros complementos?
Ya lo probé y si es compatible con otros complementos, pero en realms no lo probé, también funciona en cualquier versión de la 1.19! Gracias por comentar 😎!