Published on June 28, 2021 (Updated on June 27, 2021)

Rising of the Shield Hero Addon

This addon adds some of the items from the isekai anime 'Rising of the Shield Hero'. Either fight as one of the legendary heroes with their respective holy weapons, or become a sidekick and fight like Raphtalia! 

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  • Just made a few adjustments to the displayed pictures to match the requirements and standards of mcpedl.


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I am just going to offer this straight up so
I want to help make the textures look better
I have done work for pokemetel wizardry and my skindex goes by the same name as my username if you want to consider it

I really love the anime and I genuinely believe that with better textures people would have a closer look at this project of yours
Oh actually nevermind it’s TheGuyWhoMadeYesSkin
Sorry for any misunderstanding
I just sent you a friend request on discord I’m FunnyInternetMan
I can send any textures I make for this through discord if that is alright
Yep, thank you so much for the support! I'm already testing the textures out btw, some of them were quite good, especially the shield.
I can't equip it in the ofhand slot
I couldn't really make a custom shield, only a weapon. Sorry about that 😅.

But technically, this is considered canon. In the Shield Hero universe, if you're a legendary weapon wielder you can't actually equip other weapons, since the holy weapons will electrically shock you and prevent you from using them.
Es buen complemento hermano, estaría genial que pudieras agregar a los personajes y que sean tus aliados, ya se por medio de domesticación o no, pero no olvides está idea, agrega los personajes, sería épico, suerte con tus proyectos
Keep it up men..