Published on January 18, 2020 (Updated on December 06, 2020)

Ritual Magic + Mobs & Structures

This addon adds 13 new entities, and many structures which can be spawned through rituals. Ritual entities spawn randomly in your world, interacting with specific item on them can cause entities to spawn, structures to appear, or other effects.

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+ Rituals can now be easily removed by sneak right clicking


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is my dude actually using DIAMONDS IN 2021
To unbalanced
I love the concept of this addon but the loot should be nerfed by a lot if there’s no structure with mobs and the structures with mobs should also be nerfed in loot by a little because I can get OP very fast
Way too OP, i thought those sculptures will be rare, but they spawn every 5-10 blocks, and if i drop there wood i can instantly get 20+ iron for free.
Can I use it in multiplayer
This add-on has always work in 1.16 for me
The link isn't working. How do you go to mediafire?
Guest-7630701528 May 25, 2020 at 6:49 pm
First of all the rituals are everywhere. The mod itself other than that is great but testing Addons I found this to have a huge flaw. Dropped a stack of diamonds in a ritual in creative and survival, and didn’t get the other 63 back. If this is supposed to happen I might change my review but don’t say it is just cuz you want a. Higher rating. Everything else is great like the loot, mobs, and generated structures.
Then why not just seperate the diamonds.. noone told u to drop 64 diamonds..
The addon dont work, i drop the items and dont work.
its to click, dont drop
it dosent work my computer blocked the download coz it said there was a virus and it didnt take me to medifire ;-;
just go to advanced and tap on (proceed to the link) .. then your set to go..
You shouldn't give a one star review because of your computers antivirus
Dont download! Its a virus, It downloaded somthing called "Ritual Magic Addon.exe" with a linkvertise logo.
Bruh that is a addon. It literally tells in the file name.
Funny how people can’t tell difference between virus and addon.
Funny how you can't tell that any .exe from Linkvertise is a virus and how an addon is .mcaddon file
I don't understand vos ir works i throw the ítems and it doesn't do anything help ;-;
did you enable experimental mode
I'm having the same problem even in experimental mode.
I have seen some tutorials and they "right-click" on the pedestal and it works for them but for me nothing seems to work.
You drop.. not right click ;-;..
Tell me the difference between a mod and an addon ,-, ...
Oof.. i meant to type " tell me the difference between a virus and an addon :v
This mod is quite well made but I just wish the altars were rarer as with the current spawn rate they litter the landscape but if they were rarer say like 5 times less often I’d give this a five as I think it would fit in quite well with survival
What I supposed to do with the yellow cube thing, I kill it it drops nothing, I right click it does nothing, please reply. ):
drop one of the items from the screenshot above on it
Oh, thank you for the tips!