Published on July 28, 2014

robot: Stronghold & End Portal

Seed ID

This one is an old seed, it was the best seed thou
You can download the old version and spawn your world
Then update to the latest

This works on Android only
How do you download this seed?
It don’t work
It does not work
I type in seed robot! You go up a hill and jump in a well . I then drink a potion of night vision and break the floor. I open the door and go down the stairs with iron bars around them 2 times and find a portal room and go up the short stairs and put eye of Enders on each block and jump in. The seed is robot!
i didnt think a old seed would work
Guys what is the seed?
I dug through all the way but I can't find it. Are there any signs on when your near the strong hold?
I found some seed village with blacksmith Seed:8055 you will spawn in tree
I find some glitch,if you break Lilac in bottom you can get 2 Lilac i call this "Lilac Farm" (LOL)
Yes i try all seed with stronghold i just find stairs,thats looks like Tower
If you are on Minecraft pe version 0.15.2 there are only stairs
what is the seed ? I don;t get it
I found the library but there are no chests
and i am in a jungle what now? i see islands. I went in a circle :/