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Published on May 22, 2018 (Updated on May 22, 2018)

Robotic Servant Add-on

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I gave it the pick and waited 20 mins and didnt come back to me
it has gone to start a new life without my man
I would love to add this to my world but I have several farms that rely on the bone meal I get from skeletons. Could you have used other less common/useful mobs like a stray, husk or lama?
Either way, Good work :)
Um how do u give the pick
Guys i registered into mcpedl but how to make addons?
TheWarMachine780 May 22, 2018 at 7:36 pm
You should also try to make it get you wood from and axe and be able to equip it with a sword and armor. Sorry if it’s a hard (or impossible ) thing to do but it would be very helpful!!?
Its not impossible but an Addon actually does that I can’t remember what it is but I will try to find out again
Got the nAme it’s called helper Addon
Wow keren,btw saya orang Indonesia
This will be amazing for my steampunk world!! Thank you so much! :D
Seems good(wait I'm the first to comment on this addon ,YAY LOL
Am i first btw nice addon